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🐯 Maybank
Shahidah Nadia bt Shahrom

*Please upload us the receipt after payment

We are sorry to announce that we do not accept payment via online banking/ card at the moment. But don’t worry! We will surely let you know once we go are ready!

Should there is trouble during the payment, let’s say glitch or pending;

Step 1: Do not panic! We understand that you might run out of candle stock to keep your sanity but believe us this website could sense it if you are panic!

Step 2: Do not re-order if you have received your order number. Kindly check your email to trace your order number (eg: #1234). ONLY re-order if you didn't receive any confirmation order.

Step 3: Thoroughly check and confirm your total amount and make payment via bank transfer. You may have our bank details at point no. 1.

Step 4: Once the payment is completed, reply to the confirmation order emails with your payment receipt or Whatsapp us, Click here the receipt with your order number.

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